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Call Us Toll Free: 1-877-477-0039

Rocky Mountain Diagnostics, Inc.

Serotonin Assays -From The Serotonin Experts

The most comprehensive and innovative serotonin panel available- only from LDN

The evolution of our serotonin kits continue their path to better meet the needs of our customers. Whatever sample you're targeting, we have the optimal solution:

Our unique CE-labeled RIA (BA R-8900) and innovative ELISA (BA E-8900) test kits may be used to determine Serotonin in serum, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), platelet-poor plasma (PPP), CSF, urine, cell cultures and tissue homogenates.

Our exclusive Serotonin Research RIA™ (BA E-8900) and Serotonin Research ELISA™ (BA-E-5900) test kits are of highest sensitivity, and therefore, the ideal tool for scientists breaking new grounds.

LDN as a team has decades of experience in the arena of serotonin testing. If you are looking for a customized solution to your testing needs, then you rely on us as an accomplished partner.

The LDN difference and the main advantages of the LDN Serotonin test kits: A short synopsis


  • Assay time for all types of biological samples is less than 3 hours
  • CE-labeled
  • Highly sensitive - 0.4 pg
  • Real protocol flexibility
  • Direct assay procedure (no protein precipitation needed)
  • Our kit offers true serotonin calibrators according to GLP - A distinct LDN advantage
  • ELISA reagents are ready for use
  • RIA's have a shelf-life of 15 weeks!
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