AOAC 2014

AOAC 2014 | Featuring the AOAC approved HistaSure ELISA™

HistaSure™ is a novel ELISA kit for detection of Histamine in Scombroid species.
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Validation of a New Immunoassay for Histamine in Fish versus the AOAC Official Method 977.13

The HistaSure™ ELISA Fast Track has been validated and certified as a Performance Tested Method (#021402 ) by the AOAC Research Institute as an effective method for the quantitative determination of histamine in fresh/frozen yellowfin tuna, canned tuna-chunk light in water, fresh/frozen mahimahi, canned sardines in oil and fish meal.

The ease of use and wide-ranging application areas make this assay a versatile and reliable tool for laboratories engaged in food safety.

This assay is an important piece of any seafood processor’s control strategy in their HACCP program to address the hazard of scombrotoxin formation.

"The method was found to be fast and efficient with better repeatability than the official AOAC method with less risk of cross contamination or carry over between samples"

Eurofins -Method Evaluation Report