Extraction Columns for Neurotransmitters Made Obsolete!

Unique high-through-put extraction procedure for Neurotransmitters

This latest technology (sample clean-up device) provides a solution for the extraction of neurotransmitters/biomolecules from biological fluids wherein an ion exchange resin is attached to a solid support such as a multiwell plate (patent pending):


  • Much more cost-effective than chromatography columns
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Suitable for biomolecules in different kinds of biological fluids
  • Improved sensitivity/small sample volumes
  • Applicable in high throughput procedures

GABA concentrations measured by a new ELISA in different regions of rat neuronal tissue:

Tissue sample Measured conc.(pmol/mg wet weight tissue)
Motor Cortex 1137 ± 65
Somatosensory cortex 1379 ± 115
Hippocampus 1719 ± 219
Cervical sc region 484± 65
Thoracic sc region 395 ± 19
Lumbar I & II sc region 540 ± 80
Lumbar III – VI sc region 737 ± 32
Sacral sc region 687 ± 48