Fast Track Plasma Metanephrines ELISA and RIA

Are you still Using HPLC or LC/MS for the otherwise simple testing of Plasma Metanephrines?

LDN has long been a supplier of world leading assays for metanephrines both urinary and plasma. We have recently released our latest versions of these kits dubbed "Fast Track". They significantly speed up the time needed to run the assay all the while maintaining an excellent correlation to LC/MS.

So how fast are they?

With our method you can run up to 96 samples with one kit- Running our RIA you'll be done in 4 hours including sample prep! That is a start to finish time that no method can yet compete with.

Running our ELISA you'll also be done working within 4 hours.*

Time and Money

Not only will we save you time, if figure in your cost of labor and maintenance to costly machines, you've made a wise decision to go with a global leader in metanephrine assays. There is lots of talk about LC-MS/MS for plasma metanephrines, but the praticality of it only exists for a select few. An ELISA method can be integrated to any laboratory routine, and you wont have to take out a loan for the equipment.

Distinct Advantages:
  • 2.5 minutes per sample!
  • More cost effective
  • use existing ELISA equipment / personell
  • Excellent correlation to LC/MS
  • 100% Support from the experts
  • *ELISA does require overnight incubation - but hands on time is limited to 4 hours