Histamine Research ELISA now available

Histamine Research™ ELISA available now: multi-species ELISA for the quantitative determination of Histamine in different animal species and samples.

MouseRegression: y=0.8x+0.7 R2=0.99

Mean recovery: 97 %SD=8.2; CV=8.5

Regression: y=0.9x+0.6 R2=0.99

Mean linearity: 115 %SD=15.0; CV=13.0

RatRegression: y=0.8x+0.7 R2=0.99

Mean recovery: 86 %SD=6.1; CV=7.1

Regression: y=0.9x+0.1 R2=0.99

Mean linearity: 100 %SD=15.5; CV=15.4

CatRegression: y=0.7x+0.1 R2=0.9

Mean recovery: 88 %SD=14.4; CV=16.3

Regression: y=0.9x+0.2 R2=0.98

Mean linearity: 104 %SD=18.1; CV=17.3

DogRegression: y=0.7x+0.1 R2=0.96

Mean recovery: 82 %SD=8.1; CV=9.9

Regression: y=1.1x+0.1 R2=0.99

Mean linearity: 115 %SD=15.7; CV=13.6

HorseRegression: y=0.9x-0.7 R2=0.98

Mean recovery: 82 %SD=7.9; CV=9.6

Regression: y=0.9x-0.2 R2=0.98

Mean linearity: 75 %SD=10.2; CV=13.6

Detected levels in different animal species

Mouse22.9 ng/mL
Rat20 ng/mL
Cat1.1 ng/mL
Dog0.3 ng/mL
Horse0.6 ng/mL

Distinctive Features:

  • for research and veterinary applications
  • direct assay procedure
  • high-sensitive: 0.2 ng/mL
  • highly specific
  • adaptable to all animal species so far investigated.
  • only small sample volumes needed
  • all reagents except one are ready to use

With the introduction of this exclusive Research ELISA™ (Cat. no. BA 10-2100) LDN is proud to offer the most comprehensive and innovative histamine assay panel worldwide: Food Control, Allergy, Food Intolerance, Biomedical Research, Histamine in Food, Histamine plasma, Histamine in stool, Histamine Research™